Learn Eyelash Extensions

As a lash artist your salary is not going to be exactly normal. It is based off of how many clients and procedures you do! Microblading prices vary based on the artists experience and location. Prices can go as low as $400 or as high as $1500 for one session. Based on the average cost of a microblading procedure you would be charging $500 per session. If you only saw 5 clients a week you would still be making $120,000 a year, not including tips. You could potentially earn a lot more by taking classes for procedures like permanent eyeliner as well. If you saw 5 clients a month for permanent eyeliner, charing $422 pfor one procedure, you could be earning an extra $2,110 a month. But since most microblading artists are self employed there is a lot of room for growth and extra clients.

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