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1 on 1 Advanced Microblade Training

AzBrow Academy is officially offering 1 on 1 advanced training with ANY of our artists and instructors. There are so many microblading artists that may struggle with only 1 or 2 areas of the microblading process. We are here to help you perfect your craft and give you the confidence and knowledge to take on any pair of brows. Our 1 on 1 training is completely tailored to each individual artist and the 3 areas YOU want to focus on. It is safe to say that every artist has their own style and there is no cookie cutter technique to achieving the perfect brows. Maybe your previous training left you feeling “not ready” or with questions. Or maybe you’re like us and you love learning all the new techniques from your favorite artists. Well AzBrow Academy is here to help propel your work to the next level and give you all of our signature tips and tricks. Curious if you would benefit from this? Here are a few topics that we can help with.

1 on 1 Advanced Microblade Training Topics Include:

  • AzBrowAcademy’s Signature Brow Mapping
  • Cover-Ups/Fixing Previous PMU Work
  • Stencil Use and Design
  • Face Shapes
  • Skin Anatomy
  • Advanced Color Theory
  • Stroke Patterns and Placement
  • Needle Styles and Usage
  • Topical Anesthetic Usage
  • Proper Depth Placement
  • Aftercare Instructions
  • Business Ethics and Marketing Strategies

Training Breakdown:

  • Send us 3 areas you want to focus on for your training.
  • Watch our artists take a live client (Ask Questions, Record and Take Notes).
  • Sit with our artists for 3 hours for a hands on 1 on 1 look at the areas you chose to perfect.

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