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Lindsey is our Master Microblading Artist and Lead Instructor. She is an Arizona native and an Ex-Division 1 Collegiate Athlete, playing four years of basketball at Idaho State University. After graduating, Lindsey followed her dream and discovered her true passion for art, beauty, and makeup. She became an Eyebrow Microblading Artist and immediately fell in love with transforming eyebrows. In a short period of time, Lindsey soon became an Instagram microblading sensation by gaining nearly 15k organic followers practically overnight! Her work began receiving praise from some of the top artists nationally and then globally! Lindsey continued her education beyond her first microblading class and developed her own microblade training curriculum shortly after, as a result of numerous requests from her social media followers. People from all over the world are drawn to her incredible three-dimensional brow artistry, meticulous hair strokes and her superfluous attention to detail.

“The most rewarding part of my job,” states Lindsey, “are those special moments when a client looks at their microbladed eyebrows for the first time and cries tears of joy. It is a very humbling experience to know my gift and my passion have helped to change someone’s life for the better. That is what I prepare my students for; the ability to bring joy to the lives of others through high quality, detail oriented, hands-on brow artistry. If you come to the AzBrowAcademy, you will learn at the Az Brow Academy methodologies for “Flawless Brow Designs.” Lindsey continues to work tirelessly to modernize the eyebrow microblading industry as a whole and train aspiring microblade students to be exceptional in the Art of Microblading! If you would like more information about the school, she kindly invites you to take a tour of the facility, sign up to be a model in an upcoming class or make an appointment to have your eyebrows microbladed by one of our exceptionally experienced artists! If you already know you want to become a Microblading Artist, then she also invites you to sign up for a class and learn the art and business directly from her.

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